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  1. Bjarvis85
    Bjarvis85 ATerminator
    Hi I live in O'fallon and was wondering if I could get your number and setup a time to take a look at the cobra, I have three other 2003's and I have been wanting a sonic blue thanks
  2. Terminator_Rich
    Terminator_Rich Jiffy
    hey Man I'm interested in the intake manifold and fittings can you send me your email address to coordinate this purchase? My email is [email protected]
  3. ranskuy
    ranskuy SS lol
    Hey what size front and rear welds you running?
  4. gaymond lee
    gaymond lee systemplayer
    I saw your posting about a white boss. I am buying one today that I may be willing to sell. I dont know much about the car and currently have 11 vehicles but the deal was too good to pass up. Its from a good friends brother that just wanted the car gone. Im not sure if he just wanted an easy transaction or needed some money. I'm in California
    Gaymond Lee
  5. king_mau
    king_mau WildCobra
    I have a comp O coupe. 103k Miles, clean title, 2nd owner, mostly stock. Located in California. PM me for more info if interested..
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  6. AdamSVT03
    AdamSVT03 ATerminator
    Is your car still available? Thanks
    1. ATerminator
      Hi Adam, yes it is.
      Jul 8, 2020 at 7:48 PM
  7. king_mau
    king_mau kattdaddy11
    I have a competition orange coupe. 103k miles, 2nd owner, clean title, mostly stock. Located in southern California. PM me or email [email protected] for more info...
  8. bruiser viii
    bruiser viii sleepysvt98
    black 98 lincoln still for sale. phone # posted isn't you text Rob at 360 901 1067
  9. SinisterMach1
    SinisterMach1 qtrain
    I saw your post as well as reply to my thread regarding the bumper. If still available can you ship this item? If so I can make arrangements. Thanks!
  10. UDOOS
    Its giving me hard time reading the message..my email [email protected]
    Cell-908 4one 5 444one...I left you a message elsewhere on the forum but I'm unfamiliar w this one...I'm not a scam, text,call or email me pls
  11. UDOOS
    I am very interested in the car for sale. Pls call me at 9 zero 8 4 one 5 444 one
    Thank you dennis
    1. UDOOS
      B.c I'm new to site it wont let me read message so my info is [email protected]
      Cell 908 415 4441
      Jul 5, 2020 at 10:04 PM
  12. Eo144
    Eo144 strokedfox347
    I saw you have a 10th anniversary. Just wondering how much you are selling it for?
  13. Dixie Normous
    Dixie Normous BlunkinSpice
    I'm trying to figure out how to pm but I can't find out how. Is it cool if you text me for a few questions? 251-599-4767
  14. FATAZ
    FATAZ 96dreamer
    Hi - I was hoping you could do me a favor and provide a few basic measurements on the Cadillac Brembos when you had a chance. Please see my post on the "installing-ats-brembos-on-the-cobra" thread. Thanks!
  15. FATAZ
    FATAZ _Lariat
    Hi - If you haven't installed your Cadillac Brembo calipers yet, I was hoping you could do me a favor and provide a few basic measurements on them. Please see my post on the "installing-ats-brembos-on-the-cobra". Thanks!
  16. king_mau
    king_mau 04Struck
    Hey I got a Comp O Coupe I'm also here in CA. I see your looking for a lower mileage though and mines at 103k Miles, but If your interested anyways PM me for more info...
  17. FATAZ
    FATAZ NasteeNate
    Hi - I'm trying to track down a few measurements on the ATS Brembo calipers. Hoping you haven't installed them yet and could help me out. Thanks!
  18. Cobra_Kid
    Cobra_Kid Carrotop79

    I have a near mint 98 with 28K on it. White/Black/Black. I have owned it for over 20 years. Garage queen. Text/call if you want to discuss. I'm in Kansas City
    816 Two 7 7 Nine 945
  19. DLred96
    DLred96 tombo9876
    Is that the Teksid block for 150$? Is there anything wrong with it?
  20. Diddypop
    Diddypop youngster
    Hey bud can you give me a call or text. Interested in the cobra. JD @4842741328 thank you