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  1. WildGT94
    WildGT94 Kris.R
  2. Turbo308
    Turbo308 colin1966
    Same as below (needing the trinity swap instructions for the GT500)... could you email that to me? Email is [email protected] Thanks!!
  3. RobertR73
    RobertR73 UnrealSVT
    Hey brother. Do you still have that blower available?
  4. Fcobra
  5. 5.0carlos
    5.0carlos 04sleeper
    Hello, I just purchased a cobra. I was reccomend to get tuned by you. I live close to Dallas. Can you send me a message please?
    1. 04sleeper
      Jan 20, 2021 at 5:11 PM
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  6. MTBSully
    MTBSully stripnzinc
    Hey man do you still have that cobra for sale? Haven't heard back from you. Shoot me a message with your phone or email if its easier to communicate that way
  7. SouthsideSVT
    Need help with 2003 Ford cobra build any feedback would help
  8. BlkMamba2089
    BlkMamba2089 Fcobra
    Hello what set of ccw are you looking to sell, from PA too.
  9. David Soler
    David Soler fast440
    What’s up brother. Do you still have those bogart fronts for sale?
  10. 04SteedaCompO
    04SteedaCompO Twisted2v
    Hows it going? Do you still have that SOS pod?
    1. Twisted2v
      Sold it, brother.
      Jan 18, 2021 at 2:10 PM
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  11. MISVT03
    MISVT03 CobraCraig
    I am contacting you because I recently bought the 85 Notch a few months ago. I searched Bimini Blue Notch and your FOR SALE thread came up. Id like to get in contact with you and ask some questions about the car. The seller was clueless and only told me a few things he remembered from the guy he bought it from.
  12. anesthetize
    anesthetize kallen
    hey, just wondering if you still have those ccw wheels. I'm local. I would send a pm but I think my post count is too low. Thanks
  13. Shelby1981
    Shelby1981 Mbiro594
    Do you still have any of the 2007 Shelby GT500 leather case for the owners manual? If so, how much do you want for one? Thanks!
  14. David ogle
  15. buck667
    buck667 cobra4v
    Hey Cobra4V. I noticed in one of your posts from many years ago you almost bought a Saleen BAB Cobra. Do you have the contact information from that person? I'm in the market for that specific car.
  16. WildGT94
    WildGT94 Kris.R
    Saw you were interested in the supercharger. PM me
  17. usaf_branham
    usaf_branham Gmc72701
    Hey. I found your old Eaton swapped Mach and I am considering buying it. I’m trying to determine the history and such... why did you trade it in and what all is done to it if you don’t mind me asking.
  18. Alexpacheco1
    Alexpacheco1 03cobra5.4dohc
    Am interested on it
  19. Alexpacheco1
    Alexpacheco1 03cobra5.4dohc
    Is it still for sale contract me at 805-367-6312
  20. Eo144
    Eo144 getTwisted
    Question regarding your set up. I plan on doing the same tire size, but if I went with a 305 is it possible that I will rub or would I be ok. I may do the H&R race spring