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    Looking for 1998 Cobra 4.6 engine dress up kit.
  2. AssPikle
  3. AssPikle
  4. 4JDM
    4JDM riche
    I will take the airbox if you still have it
  5. XP900
    XP900 YELL03
    I assume you sold those older 2010 GT500 wheels you were trying to sell?
  6. Jrp04cobra
    Jrp04cobra willis414
    Text me please,I live in Rhode Island 4015801187
  7. BlkMamba2089
    BlkMamba2089 mustangmike02
    Hello saw you had some black cobra mirros for sale, let me know a price, I’m sure we can work something out quick
  8. weider1717
    weider1717 TVS_Mach
    Still have the trinity?
  9. weider1717
    weider1717 Torqahmove
    Do you still have the new in box gen2r? Thanks
  10. weider1717
    weider1717 1Kona_Venom
    Hey, could I give you a call on the supercharger? Or feel free to shoot me a text so I’ll know to answer if you wish to call me (864) 784-4415
  11. VPS-GT500
    VPS-GT500 Zekeshelbysvt.
    Interested in the X pipe. Is it still available?
  12. KingCobra07
    KingCobra07 boorah
    Hey, I've got a spare timing cover if you need one. 206-852-0158
  13. cobra ke
    cobra ke Jake Pierson
    What are you looking to get for your 2.2?
  14. weider1717
    weider1717 RandomForumGuy
    I’m interested in the blower but the gen 4 was on sale for 2750 I had one on order but got tired of waiting 5 months into it. What is your best price? And what all is included or will be needed that it doesn’t include.

  15. AngelFlesh
    AngelFlesh Dvnny
    I have a 2.3L Whipple in Seattle. Has not been installed, accufab throttle body, 3"Reichard racing pulley. $3000 + shipping or we can arrange pickup in Seattle
  16. 4JDM
    4JDM 03blkvnm
    Any idea on what you would like for those intake parts sir?
  17. WallyBob
    WallyBob Copper&Black
    Hello. I saw photos of you working on a Shuttle Craft Sport Deck in a thread here. Do you still have the Shuttle Craft? Do you have any photos from when you finished? I just picked up a Sport Deck and am looking for ideas for restoring it/making it more fun. Thanks in advance for your time.
  18. SVT Zorro
    SVT Zorro
    email sent
  19. GT500909
    GT500909 03cobra#694
    What’s rule #7 in market rules?
  20. weider1717
    weider1717 TPSMak
    Do you have any whipple gen 4’s for the 2007 GT500? Thanks