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Jul 13, 2005
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Authorized Vendor, from CA

Authorized Vendor
    1. GTCS143
      Hey Shaun, do you tune international vehicles? I am planning to get a tune for my 16 GT and AED is 1st on the list, car has only cat back exhaust system and planning to put a drop in filter with the tune or do you recommend CAI. I am afraid AIT's would shoot up with CAI as we have very hot summer here in middle east.

    2. 5.Shark
      Hey Shaun, I'm looking at the L&M intake only cams and I was wondering what would be the safe limit on the stock GT valve springs? I'm building my GT for HPDE and currently have a CJ intake and LT headers. I'm shifting at about 7200-7300rpm but would like to rev out to somewhere around 7800-8000rpm safely and consistently.
      1. Shaun@AED
        [email protected]
        That is not a problem.
        Oct 12, 2018
    3. bignasti
      Hi Shaun, I have a 2013 F150 3.5L ecoboost 4x4, and you were recommended to help me with a remote tune. Vehicle is stock but I do plan to do a CAI - injen or aFe is what I’m planning, and I only run 93 through it.

      1. Shaun@AED
        Aug 12, 2018
    4. Chrisxrobinson
      Shaun I need your help with a wire tuck advice. Can you shoot me an email [email protected] I would gladly pay for your help.

    5. Bill16s550
      Hey Shaun do you have any info for me on the boss 302 Intake for my 16 gt with manual trans and 3.31’s . Plan on staying naturally aspirated . Will be doing long tubes and cat delete next month. Would the boss work well with them? I heard porting the boss helps it quite a bit
      1. Shaun@AED
        [email protected]
        The CJ manifold is the best for all-motor.
        Boss is the best for boost.
        Mar 7, 2018
    6. azazell64
      Hi Shaun, I was just wondering the complete cost on the AED performance tune with lopey idle for a 2013 Boss 302 with the tuner included.

    7. Shaun@AED
      [email protected]
      10-12HP, sometimes more if your pump gas is not allowing full timing.
    8. Scarlett5.0
      Hey i have 2013 5.0 with longtubes cold air and boss manifold if i put e85 how much hp do i look at gaining on NA?
    9. Intense/CP
      Do you have a tune for the auto 3.7 Mustangs?
    10. jdcobra
      Hey Shaun, I was wondering what kind of drop in filter you use and if it made any power gains, how much? Also, how much a tune from you with simple bolt ons?
    11. Get some 5.0
      Get some 5.0
      Sounds good, I have a SCT programmer. so for 250 I can get a performance tune, drag tune and the lope tune? The next mod im gonna do is the Boss302 intake. Nitrous in the near future too. How much is a nitrous tune?
    12. Get some 5.0
      Get some 5.0
      Hey Shaun I have a 2012 cs/gt. Currently dyno tuned by fastlane in Houston. The tune doesnt feel that powerful. Its a M6, with Steeda CAI and now 1 7/8 american racing headers off road x with flowmaster american thunder mufflers, no resignators. Ive been hearing good things about your tune and am considering buying it. How much and if i install more mods will it cost for a new tune?

      hope to hear from you
    13. Bettsie
      I have 285zr/30 20 Nitto Invo on the rear and 245 35 20 on the front.BTW, I dont know if this is feasible, but with your tune and my mods , is a high 11 or very low 12 possible?
    14. Bettsie
      Hi Shaun. I have a 2012 Mustang GT Automatic convertible. It has 410s, MagnaFlow Axle backs, resonators removed, OEM air box with K&N drop in filter and a FRPP ProCal tune. I would love to buy the hand held and three tunes from you. However, I am worried about the SCT tuner itself. It has left lots of people stranded. Have they solved their issues yet? I will be using the car sparingly with occasional trips to tracks both here (Canada) and in the AZ, CA, NV area.(Mesa AZ) I would only get 1 night at all tracks because of the 13.6 roll bar rule. Could you help me? You can reply here or at [email protected]
    15. Shaun@AED
      [email protected]
      After talking with Diablo, unfortunately their software is more limited than SCT. A diablo based tune will not perform as well as an SCT based tune.
    16. jdcobra
      Thanks for the quick reply on the shifter question. I was also wanting a tune but didn't want to get an SCT x3 due to all the problems people were having with them. I saw somewhere on a thread were you offered to send a guy out a different tuner so he could do tune his car. Was wondering if you would be able to throw a package deal like that with a custom tune.
    17. jdcobra

      I was curious as to what short throw shifters you have used, if any, and if you have a short throw, which one did you decide to go with? Thanks
    18. cjcradier

      I have a '13 BOSS that I honestly want to keep pretty minimal to any power adders. I do want to re gear to a 4.10-4.30 range. I just want a crazy fun street car. I do not have the track key and probably wont do it. As far as any thing different I am looking at a AFE dry drop in and I did do borla axle back's for sound. Once the warranty is up I can see long tubes and such in it's future. What would be the easiest way to correct the speedo and such for the gear swap and also a mild tune for now. With the BOSS it seams every one is scrambling to get something together. I saw a video of a white BOSS you tuned with 4.56 and damn I was sold. I am in North Carolina and would truly love to get together you AED for the power. No FI for me I am loving the N/A of this motor, but In the end I would like around 500 rear wheel HP on the stock air box. Is this possible? My email is [email protected] thanks for your time and diligence.
    19. Shaun@AED
      [email protected]
      Either will work just fine.
    20. jestang

      Which particular sct tuner do I need? I see several for sale in the market on here. I think I am going to ditch my diablosport trinity setup and switch over to SCT so I can get a tune from you guys. Thanks.
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