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AIS trunk mount kit like new HEAVILY discounted.

Discussion in 'Engine/Drivetrain' started by wallywagon, Dec 27, 2013.

  1. wallywagon

    wallywagon Member Established Member

    Apr 6, 2012
    Hi all, I am selling a almost new AIS trunk mount methanol injection kit with the stainless methanol line upgrade ($120) as well as the dual nozzle upgrade ($60). I am selling because I am E85 and now have no need for the kit. I bought the kit originally from Rodney at AIS (who is exceptionally helpful) because I was planning on running 93 octane with methanol for the extra octane points + a little cooling on my large, over worked rotors. During the initial tuning the Jon Lund noticed that I was going extra rich at WOT and asked if I was spraying anything....long story short; he won't tune for methanol and recommended I go E85 which I ended up doing. I pulled the fuse out of the kit's pressure sensor and NEVER used it again....although it was still installed in the car because I had the nozzles screwed into my superchargers elbow. The kit is amazing aesthetically and works like a new (I watched the shop spray meth in a trash can for peace of mind). I finally got around to uninstalling the kit and now have no use for it. My loss is your gain...the kit as I purchased it cost $650 plus tax but I am willing to let it go for 375....keep in mind that this has been used ONCE during testing before I was told I needed to run E85 at my boost level. The kit comes with all of the wiring/the led light so you know when the pump is on/the stainless lines with 3 different tips to add the appropriate amount of methanol or water-meth to your setup as needed. The kit is the exact same one as in the link below except with the additional options that I listed previously.

    The Best Water injection system and water methanol injection systems at AlcoholInjectionSystems.com

    PM me for pictures and only if you are serious about purchasing as I'm already losing my ass on this kit.

  2. Modern_Muscle

    Modern_Muscle New Member Established Member

    Feb 20, 2007
    I know its a few months old, but is this still available?

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