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Brake Upgrade

Discussion in 'Revan Racing' started by usafimj, May 8, 2017.

  1. usafimj

    usafimj Active Member Established Member

    Jun 18, 2007
    Where the Air Force sends me
    I currently live in Germany and looking for better brake options that can handle autobahn speeds and the Nurburgring. Looking at upgrading to the 13-14 GT500 6 pot front brake kit similar to what LMR sells but piece the kit with slotted rotors, ss lines, and better pads. It looks like the SS line kit you sell will work with the 6 pot calipers and stock 08 GT500 rears. How well will the Porterfield R4-S brake pads hold up? Should I be looking at a different pad?


    - Israel
  2. Van@RevanRacing

    [email protected] Authorized Vendor Authorized Vendor

    Feb 24, 2008
    S. Florida
    The R4-S pads are great for street or time trial but not suitable to the rigors of heavy braking on a track like the Nurburgring or heavy braking at top speed on the Autobahn. You need track specific pads for that type of application and I have access to Raybestos ST-43 and ST-45 race pads that would be much better suited for these applications. Don't forget about high temperature brake fluid as well. I recommend the stainless lines and Brembo LCF 600.


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