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Moving the eastern North Carolina

Discussion in 'South' started by BOOGIE MAN, Dec 11, 2019.


    BOOGIE MAN Logic and Reason Established Member

    Feb 10, 2005
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    ***sorry for thread title typo. The should be to***

    My gf and I are moving to eastern North Carolina after the new year to start my career. I'll be working in the Newport/Morehead City area.

    I'm born and raised in Florida so I'm used to no vehicle inspections and no state income tax.

    I see that there are yearly vehicle inspections so I'm guessing that offroad pipes are a no go or do the gearheads just throw a catted midpipe for the inspection and swap back to offroad afterwards (if they feel so inclined)? Do LEOs have the ability to test emissions say, if they hear a really loud exhaust?

    I've only been to nc once, and that was Charlotte over 15years ago. I know no one that lives there, know practically nothing about the area, and haven't been out of Florida for more than a month at a time; little nervous to say the least.

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  2. My Monster

    My Monster Active Member Established Member

    Jan 27, 2013
    I live in New Bern, about 20 miles from Newport. You have an annual safety inspection to contend with and they hook up to the OBD II port to check for any CEL. Nothing drastic and as long as you’re not being a dick with the gas peddle or louder than the douche knuckles in their ghey-assed, straight pipe running, sagged-out trucks, the police and troopers won’t bother you.

    I run a gutted stock h-pipe with O2 spacers and haven’t had any issues with an inspection.

    Morehead isn’t bad but it’s really quiet and laid back. Summertime brings the damn tourists and we’ve had an infestation of New Yorkers and Jersey folks. (They can kindly go back home so as to not bring their liberal bullshit here).
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